Soft Vision is investment manager of p-hat fund.

p-hat fund won the BarclayHedge/HedgeWeek European Digital Assets Awards 2023 for the Best Sustained Absolute Performance.


An AI powered
algorithmic cryptocurrency
trading fund

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Our strategy has been tested on all the historical market conditions. Trading since summer 2017, our strategy has withstood both raging bull and bear markets and periods of sideways markets. Our team, consisting of machine learning experts, quants and traders is constantly working on improving the strategy, be it predictive model, execution or risk. We managed to create a strategy that is providing market neutral returns on a daily basis regardless of the market conditions.

Our data-science-driven approach:

Every new model is trained on Big Data to search for patterns across long histories, hundreds of markets, and many different sources. The vast majority of patterns it identifies is very much hidden to the human eye.

Every strategy is thoroughly backtested, enhancing our confidence in its performance across different market conditions.

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